Kiwi Fitness Kingpin to support Texas Flood Victims.

Josef Rakich, founder of Josef Rakich Fitness (JRF), today announced plans to donate JRF’s total profit for September to the Houston Food Bank, set up to provide meals for hungry residents and families affected by deadly Hurricane Harvey which continues to sweep through Texas.

Last month Josef hosted Officer Isaac Barnett, Sheriff of Harris County (Greater Houston) and winner of a 12 week body transformation giveaway JRF recently ran. The prize was an all-expense paid five day fitness training camp in Auckland, New Zealand.

Officer Barnett flew in with girlfriend Audrey and spent time with Josef and the JRF team training at the gym and learning about nutrition while eating out, sightseeing and swapping career stories.

“It was great to welcome Isaac to New Zealand and to hear so many “pay-it-forward” stories from Isaac’s life and career as a sheriff,” said Josef.

“We were truly humbled to have him as our guest and now learning of the devastation affecting his hometown of Houston and the loss of life, we want to do our part to help families affected by this terrible storm.”

Josef will be travelling to the United States this month to promote his Keto Diet Launch Tour and hopes this donation will inspire others to open their wallets to support victims of the recent disaster.

Anyone who wants to join Josef in supporting this appeal can donate directly to or join any one of Josef’s transformation programs where all proceeds this month will go to the Houston Food Bank.

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