NZ's most extravagant marriage proposal

Six weeks ago we met with our client Josef Rakich, founder of the Josef Rakich Fitness empire. He told us he planned to propose to his girlfriend of three years, Maryam Matti before they travelled to Canada at the end of June.

He wanted to surprise her with something really special while also keeping it a total secret from everyone.

Josef had already decided to buy Maryam a new car and wanted to incorporate this into his proposal. He’d seen a clip of a Saudi sheik unboxing a new Bugatti and asked if we could replicate this.

We secured Eden Park, booked a twin engine Bell 429 helicopter, found a company to create the gift box, took Josef shopping for the engagement ring and booked the West Lounge for the post proposal party. We even sent an invitation to a fake event to ensure Maryam kept the date free and dressed to impress.

In the meantime, Josef secretly invited over 100 friends and family to a surprise party at a restaurant in Kingsland on the same day. Shortly after guests arrived, two buses arrived to deliver the unsuspecting guests to the next venue, the Players Changing Rooms at Eden Park, where they were served champagne and canapes before being ushered through the tunnel and onto the field to await the couple.

At about 5.30pm the helicopter landed on Eden Park, Josef helped (the now blindfolded) Maryam disembark and led her to a large pink gift box on the other side of the field.

Once in front of the box, Josef removed the blindfold, told her to keep her eyes closed, and gave her two ribbons to pull. As she pulled the ribbons, the sides of the box fell down, hundreds of pinks balloons tumbled out revealing a brand new pink Range Rover Evoque convertible with “Will you marry me?” on the windscreen.

In shock and tears, Maryam turned to Josef who was now down on one knee holding a ring box. He popped the question, she said “Yes!” and as he slipped on the stunning 2.7 carat diamond ring, a burst of pink and gold fireworks exploded together with the cheers and tears of the gathered crowd.

Once the hugs, kisses and congrats were over, guests were led to the West Lounge to continue the celebrations with more champagne, dinner, dancing and heart-warming toasts from friends and family.

Biggest dilemma? How do we ever top that?